People don’t believe an elixir of youth exists. We believe argan oil is one! It is the best all-natural beauty product in the world. How come it is better than most facial creams? Well, Mother Nature knows her stuff. Once you use the argan essence for the first time, you will quickly appreciate the effects. Just remember to reach for cold-pressed, organic and top-quality products. See our ranking of the highest-rated, tried and trusted argan oils.

What is argan oil made from?

There is a reason why argan oil is the best oil to enhance natural beauty. Lots of attention and tests are devoted to argan oil in its homeland, that is Morocco. The tests show that argan nut oil contains over 100 biologically active substances that improve the look of hair and skin. Shockingly, approx. 35 kilos of nuts and eight hours of work are necessary to produce just one liter of argan oil! Top-quality Moroccan oil is manually extracted without the heat, therefore it’s the world’s most precious oil. It is a treasure trove of highly-concentrated ingredients in perfect proportions.

Pure argan oil contains:

omega-6 linoleic acid which cares for highly-porous hair
omega-9 oleic acid which cares for medium porosity hair
vitamin E which is a strong antiaging antioxidant
carotene which promotes production of collagen
squalane which prevents dryness and restores skin’s balance
butyrospermum which protects against the sunlight

What effect does argan oil have on the body, face and hair?

High-quality argan oil:

  • delays aging process
  • smoothes fine lines
  • prevents hair thinning
  • repairs, strengthens, adds shine
  • moisturizes and prevents dryness of skin
  • helps minimize cellulite and stretch marks
  • works as a perfect serum for face, body, nails and skin under eyes
  • strengthens weak nails

Which argan oil is the best choice?

To get the best beauty benefits, you need original argan oil from Morocco (UNESCO Biosphere Reserves). Why from this place? Argan trees are endemic species, meaning they grow naturally exclusively in Morocco. Always check the origin of your argan oil and make sure it’s cold-pressed, unrefined and organic certified. The INCI name for argan oil is Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil.



Nanoil - the best argan oil


The best 100% pure organic certified argan oil! Wrinkles, acne, pigmentation marks, limp skin, dull face, weak hair and nails… Argan oil by Nanoil tackles each of the problems. This is a beauty expert in a bottle. It works wonders and you will see better skin and hair after just a few uses. Nanoil is also perfect for fixing damaged nails. You just need to rub it into the nail plates regularly.

This is the highest-quality argan oil which has not been refined and is cold-pressed, therefore it preserves all nutrients.

Nanoil Argan Oil – Reviews : The reviews confirm the excellent quality and effects. Nanoil is the best-selling argan oil with the highest opinions from the users.


A high price and good effects from John Masters Organics. This natural beauty product is quite popular among those who search for certified argan oil. It works well for hair, reinforces weak nails, and conditions dry, aging and acne complexions. John Masters Organics protects against the oxidative stress, freezing weather, dry air, pollution, etc.

John Masters Organics Argan Oil – Reviews: The reviewers like the effects and quality but some of them say the price is way too high, and they mention some other high-quality argan oils that are much cheaper.


Argan oil by the French brand is a popular natural face, body and hair product. It works great for massage and to repair dry skin patches. Melvita Argan Oil moisturizes dry knees and elbows, and softens the nail cuticles.

Melvita Argan Oil – Reviews It is quite popular and gets high opinions but there are some users who don’t like it’s packed in a light-colored bottle which may make the oil go rancid fast and lose all properties.


Pure, aroma-free argan oil without silicones. The Moroccanoil argan oil is popular among girls who use hair-care products from the brand. This product is recommended for extremely dry skin and damaged, color-treated hair. It nourishes and boosts resilience. Plus, it soothes irritations and enhances the tan after sunbathing.

Moroccanoil Argan Oil – Reviews: It is popular but many reviewers say it’s too expensive.


Satin Naturel Argan Oil holds 100 ml of certified natural argan oil for face, body and hair care. It nourishes damaged, color-treated and over-processed hair, and works well for anti-cellulite body massage. The dark bottle comes with a dropper and spray-on so you can either spray it on hair or skin, or measure out the amount you need. It improves the level of hydration in skin and keeps it from drying out. Vitamin E in the oil delays the aging process.

Satin Naturel Argan Oil – Reviews: The users like to use it because it brings benefits for hair and skin but they also say it’s overpriced. You can get brilliant argan oils for better prices.


This pure argan oil has a variety of uses and lasts long. It contains skin-enhancing fatty acids, rejuvenating vitamin E, and beneficial flavonoids and plant sterols. It is a good anti-pollution natural face serum under a moisturizer or nighttime treatment. It works for massage or as an addition to body lotion. The oil fights free radicals, protecting against oxidative stress. It works great for very dry and aging skins.

So’Bio Etic Pure Argan Oil – Reviews: It receives a lot of positive reviews but some reviewers don’t like the bottle it comes in. Natural oils should be packed in dark glass bottles.


Multi-purpose natural oil in a large bottle. It repairs and moisturizes the skin well, smoothes it out and helps remove blemishes. Allskin Argan Oil revitalizes the complexion and delays skin aging. It is designed for face, body, hair, and nails, handles problematic, easily irritated, sensitive skins, helps get rid of scars and post-acne marks. A good repair oil for nails and hair.

Allskin Argan Oil – Reviews: Many people buy it for the big-sized bottle. Allskin oil gets quite positive opinions.