Hair oil is recognized as a cosmetic that every girl likes and considers as extremely useful. It doesn’t only fulfil many hair conditioning tasks but also is easy to apply. Moreover, it replaces and combines many products focusing on hair styling and regeneration. Oils are also good to be used as an alternative to a hair mask as well as a product increasing manageability of hair and facilitating setting a hairdo. Moreover, natural oils protect hair from damages and block toxins from penetrating to the inner structures of strands. One of the cosmetics including natural oils in their composition is Orofluido Beauty – an universal product that beautifies all hair types.

Orofluido Beauty reaches for ancient, Hindu beauty rituals known as oil hair treatments. Oils that the product contains have the direct impact on the hair condition and contribute to strand appearance improvement. There are three precious oils included Orofluido Beauty:

Argan Oil – for centuries known to women living in Asia, nicknamed as ‘liquid gold’, is perfect for protecting and beautifying hair, increasing hair endurance, flexibility and shine.
Flaxseed Oil – valued for its moisturising, gloss-delivering features. Moreover, it protects hair from the negative impact of external factors. It’s able to penetrate deep into hair and fix damaged fibres and broken sulphur bridges. Additionally, it encourages collagen production, which is the main building block of hair.
Cypress Oil – boosts hair volume, adds body to the strands by creating an occlusive layer around each hair, is responsible for increasing elasticity to hair, delivers gloss and slows down hair ageing processes thanks to a vitamin E.

Orofluido Beauty oil delivers complete protection to damaged hair that has been either dyed or bleached. It can be applied to damp hair (the time required to make hair dry is significantly shortened, it helps style hair, protects against mechanical damages and high temperature produced by a blow-dryer) as well as to completely dry strands (it delivers gloss, prevents dehydration and static, eases styling). Furthermore, Orofluido Beauty application is super easy. It depends on putting a few drops on hands, rubbing them on the palms to distribute them evenly to the hair ends. The product doesn’t need to be rinsed off. Finally, owning to this hair oil, strands win shine, protection and beautiful aroma of vanilla.