How did it happen that these long-known and used for centuries natural oils have become trendy again? How did natural oils manage to prove that cosmetic industry can’t and will never reach the same level with them? What’s the origin of natural oils’ genius? What’s the magic spell hidden in these liquid and golden substances? Why no pharmaceutic can work like natural oils can?

Cosmetology and its golden kids

Natural oils work like a small, well-functioning and self-sufficient farm: they don’t need any additional substances, synthetic ingredients nor vitamins or UV filters because they are already full of such elements. Their secret weapon are essential fatty acids, belonging to omega group, which affect all body cells. The very unique fats help the entire body work impeccably and prevent cells from losing their self-regenerative functions. In other words, natural oil is something similar to cosmetic Rockefeller – it’s one of the richest conditioning substances that contains a high concentration of everything which is needed by skin and hair to remain young and beautiful.

Features and application of natural oils

Natural oils are multi-purpose: they can be applied to all body parts, fingernails, face, eye skin area and mostly to hair. They are the only non-comedogenic substances which are able to mend sulphur bridges located inside the hair and, at the same time, reinforce hair bulbs and encourage hair growth. Many bloggers, influencers and celebrities claim that it’s better to have one, perfectly matched natural oil than the entire shelf full of body and hair care cosmetics. Highly recognized natural treatment which wins many positive opinions is hair oiling (hair oil treatment). Owning to this treatment, it’s possible to restore the good look of hair in a considerably short period of time. Also, hair oiling is responsible for combating hair loss problem and accelerating hair growth.

Another issue worth mentioning is that natural oils work marvellously when applied in the form of hair masks, serums targeting split ends or heat protection lotion. It’s also important to realise that natural oils can be even used to treat delicate skin of new-borns. Moreover, if used regularly, they are able to reduce visibility of stretch marks. Additionally, also men tend to reach for natural oils more and more eagerly because these gold-shaded substances are perfect for treating and conditioning beards. Finally, natural oils serve well as make-up removing agents and are willingly used as a nigh time face serum.