Is your complexion far from being ideal? Have you got small pimples, pigmentation marks, telangiectasias or other unaesthetic spots on your face? Certainly, eliminating these is difficult, and in some cases, even impossible. The only thing that left is thoroughly disguising these imperfections of the skin. Nevertheless, it is not as easy as it seems to be. Various cosmetic brands ensure us that these are their products that can cover the imperfections, however, generally, these are just empty promises. Nonetheless, this time, one cosmetic brand managed to achieve the unachievable. Artdeco has made a liquid concealer available, which is expected to be our godsend.

Camouflage Cream, because we are talking about this cosmetic, is closed into small case of 4 g capacity. No need to worry about the limited amount of the cosmetic provided since it is extremely efficient and long-lasting. The liquid concealer is available in five different colour variations: neutralizing green, neutralizing yellow, iced coffee, desert sand, beige apricot. Each and every of these costs around £7.

Camouflage1The cosmetic is of fairly thick consistency, although, it can be easily applied with the aid of a finger or a makeup sponge. Suffice to gently pat the product into the most problematic places to make the imperfections covered completely. Due to the strong pigmentation, nothing is going to show through the applied layer of the cosmetic. Additionally, we do not have to worry about matching the concealer with the make up fluid since Camouflage Cream turns being unnoticeable on the face. Obviously, all we have to keep in mind is that the concealer is to be applied before the make up foundation.

The only place where Camouflage Cream should not be applied is the around eye area. The product’s consistency may unattractively enhance wrinkles, and as a day goes by, the cosmetic may form small clods.

Thanks to Camouflage Cream from Artdeco, we can obtain completely new, better look of our skin. If you use the concealer once, you will never exchange it for other one.

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