CC creams have got a large group of recipients since these are all-embracing, work like a make up foundation and also take care of complexion. One of this magic creams is Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging SPF 10 from Estee Lauder. What is this cosmetic?

Estee Lauder 1Cosmetic alphabet comprises of the following letters: BB, CC, DD. What is the great difference between them and what are the similarities? To make long story short, BB cream (Blemish Balm) beautifies skin, CC cream (Color Control Cream or Color Correctin Cream) corrects imperfections and evens out the skin ton. In turn, DD cream (Dynamic Do All or Daily Defense) rejuvenates skin. Certainly, all of the above-mentioned product share also common features. These include: gentle colorization, evening of skin tone, moisturizing and nourishing face skin, to name just a few. Every succeeding cream, marked with the particular letters, connects properties of its predecessors. The further place taken by the cream in the cosmetic alphabet, the better working it represents. And what about CC cream from Estee Lauder, Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging SPF 10?

Estee Lauder 2Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging SPF 10, CC Cream from Estee Lauder.
CC Cream from Estee Lauder is destined for all skin types. However, it is especially recommended to mature skin with the first signs of ageing. The cream smoothens crow’s feet, mimic wrinkles and dimples around nose and mouth. What is more, Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging SPF 10 slightly covers skin discolourations, does not block pores and brightens the complexion (because of the bright pigments included.) CC Cream from Estee Lauder is of soft consistency. Its colour is white which darkens after the application. It other words, it turns beige and matches the skin tone perfectly. It is worth mentioning, that during a day, the cream gets darker and darer which is why women who has got rather dark complexion would be mostly satisfied with the product.
Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging SPF 10 is closed in 30 ml tube. The container always stands on the cap, which is why, the whole product can cumulate into the applicator , and as a consequence, enables the effortless squeezing it out – the cream is not going to waste. The product can be applied separately or as a make up base.

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