Olay Anti-Wrinkle, 2 in 1 cream + serum includes extract of marine algae. This component makes skin look more beautiful and healthier. What is more, marine algae enhance skin appearance, as well as, face framing. Additionally, the product comprises of plenty of antioxidants, and as a consequence, purifies and makes the skin resistant to contaminants. Furthermore, Olay cream smoothens mimic wrinkles, brightens up discolourations and unwrinkles skin. Nevertheless, the fundamental aim of Anti-Wrinkle serum is moisturization of skin. This kind of beautifying treatment is possible due to glycerin and lanolin. These ingredients have got strong lubricating and moisturizing properties. As it is widely-known, it is water contained in skin cells that provides the production of elastin and hyaluronic acid, as well as, proper skin tension and appropriate collagen fibers condition.

The product is closed into longitudinal and slender bottle of 50 ml or 100 ml capacity. The dispenser is in a form of a pump which enables easy application of the appropriate amount of the cream. The cream container is hidden into a cartoon box.

olayEverything you should know about wrinkles.
Without doubt, the aging process will affect each and everyone of us. However, it is also obvious, that some women will be influenced by this process in a lesser extend than the rest of female population – unfortunately. For the wrinkles formation are responsible, among others, genes mainly. The other features which contributes to aging are, for instance, solar radiation, cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption, fluctuations in hormone levels, unhealthy diet, stressing lifestyle, improper skin care and expressive facial mimic.

The first wrinkles appear approximately after turning 30 years old. These are so called mimic wrinkles which are located around eyes and lips. Why does skin get wrinkled? The older we get, the fewer water, hyaluronic acid, elastin and collagen level in our skin. The frame of face is getting changed and the processes of cell regeneration becomes suppressed. Additionally,  hyperpigmentation, also know as age sots, become visible.

Unfortunately, we cannot stop the process of skin aging. Nevertheless, we can smooth the drastic changes, which are caused by the process. It is suffice just to apply moisturizing and anti-aging cosmetics regularly, massage the face or make an appointment at a beautician’s to have a beautifying treatment done. And what is your method of solving wrinkles problem?

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