Is it possible to never get old? Rather not, unless somebody invents a potion providing immortality. But before it happens, somehow, we have to deal with wrinkles. Definitely, a fairly vaunted Dr. Brandt and his new cosmetic for neck and cleavage skin Do Not Age is going to help us with this young skin vs. wrinkles duel.

It goes without saying, wrinkled neck and cleavage do not look appealing. In fact, these parts of our body reveal how old we really are. Certainly, the proper care enables us to enjoy young skin for long. And why does skin on those body parts age so fast? The truth is, there may be plenty of reasons, but let us focus only on the most essential ones. With this in mind, one of the most important wrinkle making factor is our childhood habit – slouching. Shoulders bent forwards lead to skin puckering and, as a consequence, wrinkle creation. What is more, sleeping on your side or on the stomach also deteriorates skin condition of your neck and cleavage. The best solution is spending night lying only on the back, however, who would stand staying in one position for 8 hours? Moreover, neck and cleavage skin does not favours hot shower, since during this kind of cleaning wrinkles are created at, so called, a lightening speed. Certainly, we do not have to mention the obvious reasons, such as avoiding drinking 1,5 liter of mineral water per day or not using moisturizing body creams at all.

DNA1How to care about neck and cleavage skin? First and foremost, moisturization and massage! For example, the first feature can be provided by Dr. Brandt and his Do Not Age cream, and when it comes to the massage, we are able to perform this beautifying treatment on our own while applying the cream. It is worth mentioning, Do Not Age recovers firm and smoothness of skin. What is more, this cream brightens up all discolourations, provides lipid protection of epidermis and eliminates skin aging signs. Among others, Dr. Brandt’s cream includes, glycolic acid, amino acids and calcium. How does application of Do Not Age cream should look like? The cream is to be applied in the morning and in the evening. The product ought to be put on your neck, directly on the visible skin lesions. Rub the cream moving up to your face. Finnish the application with the massage of chin and the line where neck and jowl connects.

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