Which one of us still use bars of soap while taking a shower? Probably, more popular in this case are shower gels or shower balms. Nevertheless, there are such soaps which are so tempting that it is quite impossible to resist this feeling of using these. For example, Nesti Dante brand creates this type of soap bars which are known as Philosophia. Which one of you has came across this cosmetic?

Soap bars from Philosophia.
IPhilosophian cosmetic shops, we can find set of six bars of Philosophia soap of an Italian cosmetic brand – Nesti Dante. Each bar, of 150 gram, contains different properties, colours and flavours. The set is decorated with a ribbon and, as a consequence, it can be a perfect idea for a gift. Inside the package, we find the following kinds of Philosophia soap bars: refreshing with bamboo extract, moisturizing with pearls and fleur-de-lis extract, purifying with lotus and echinacea extract, energizing with cherry and cranesbill as well as firming and smoothing with the bran and hazelnuts. The set of soap contains also herbs, essential oils and natural flavours.

Soap bars Philosophia from Nesti Dante are characterized by the specific process of production. For four days, the mass, from which the cosmetics are made, is heated in a special kettle. The whole process of production is carefully supervised by experts, so called soap masters or flavour masters. Despite that the soap is heated up to 100°C, these do not waste their washing properties, vitamins, active substances and flavours.

Soap bar, shower gel or maybe soap without soap?
Which bathing cosmetic to pick? And maybe, it would be better to visit any chemist’s and buy a specific of bathing properties? Let us check, what differentiate soap bars from shower gels and soap without soap. First of all, shower gels are the most popular bathing cosmetic. We are buying it in bulks. Definitely, these are gentle, are good at skin cleansing, smell nice and foam perfectely. What is more, these products are of firming, exfoliating and moisturizing properties. For people having sensitive skin, the soap without soap is especially recommended. What is this? These products have got natural pH level, and at the first glance, these look like an ordinary soap bar. However, these cosmetics works much more delicately and do not contain any substances which can be found in a traditional soap. While talking about common soap bars, there exists the general conviction that these are rather harmful to our body skin. The widespread belief has it, that soap bars dry our body skin out, cause irritations and allergic reactions. Naturally, an usual soap can work this way. Nevertheless, there are such cosmetics such as Aleppo soap, soft soap or Philosophia soap, which work extremely gently and are made from only natural ingredients. So, having all these in mind, which bathing cosmetic are you going to choose?

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