A hair shampoo plus a conditioner and for an in-depth nourishment – a hair mask. Will this be enough to regenerate dry and damaged hair? It is definitely worth taking care of your strands while styling as well. In this case, you can use Kallos LAB 35 Restorative Milk.

Kallos hair care cosmetics can be a go-to product, which can be used by everyone in need, especially those who got lost among the shelves in the hair section of the nearest drugstore. Throughout the years, Kallos masks have gained the attention and appreciation of many women, especially because their price and effects are pretty competitive. Therefore, it is worth mentioning other products of the brand as well – they might surprise you!

Kallos LAB 35 Restorative Milk is a product recommended for dry, brittle, damaged and splitting hair.

How does it work? If used in accordance with the producer’s recommendations, it restores proper hydration to the hair, gently nourishes and, above all, strengthens the hair structure. It makes the strands weightless, it improves silky softness and radiance. The milk facilitates combing and styling of the hair, as well as protects it against harmful factors such as high temperature, without overburdening.

The properties of Kallos LAB 35 Restorative Milk are the outcome of well-composed ingredients where the main roles are played substances. In a 300ml capacity product you will find:

  • coconut oil,
  • olive oil,
  • panthenol (provitamin B5),
  • carob bean seed extract.

Thanks to these four precious ingredients, Kallos LAB 35 Restorative Milk minimizes the loss of hydration and works as a protective shield. Also, it delivers many valuable substances to the hair.

However, it is worth noticing that Kallos LAB 35 Restorative Milk includes components that can be harmful when used incorrectly (in excess), for instance, glycerol or other alcohols used in cosmetics as ingredients responsible for facilitating absorption.

How to use? If you decide to buy this product, remember about its proper application. A hair lotion works just like a mist – it covers your hair with a protective layer and conditions it. It should be sprayed on the hair after washing, preferably before blow-drying. A convenient atomizer attached makes it easier to use.

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