Milk thistle has been long known for being one of the very first plants having numerous positive effects on the human body. Although it’s native to the Mediterranean sea terrains, milk thistle can be found almost everywhere in the world. Whereas some people treat it as a weed, the others keep growing milk thistle to obtain the precious milk thistle oil. Continue reading to learn its benefits and extraordinary properties.

Milk thistle doesn’t look friendly. There’s nothing in the way it looks that would suggest its huge potential to heal the body and improve the skin. It may be confused for common musk thistle, yet it can grow 2 meters high. It’s characterized by thick and strong steam as well as thorny leaves.

Milk thistle INCI:
Silybum marianum seed oil

What is so extraordinary about milk thistle?

This off-putting look is supposed to protect what’s hidden inside – the valuable nutrients. Milk thistle oil is the essence of the most precious substances that our body and skin needs to remain strong and beautiful. High quality milk thistle oil offers omega 3 acids, silymarin compounds (have a strong nourishing effect, help skin regenerate, block pathogens from invading the human body) and minerals (copper, selenium, zinc).

Owing to its abilities to detoxify the body and boost micro-circulation, milk thistle has a significant influence on the skin; it promotes skin’s self-healing processes. This means that skin affected by acne is finally able to combat this problem to soon reveal flawless complexion. Obviously, acne isn’t the only skin concern that can be erased with milk thistle oil. This plant is proven to reduce other skin imperfections equally well. For example, if you have problems with dry skin, go for milk thistle oil. Soon you will notice significant skin improvement. Apart from that, milk thistle oil is recommended for treating psoriasis, seborrhea and inflammations. It’s perfectly suitable to condition skin, nails and hair. While talking about the hair, milk thistle oil promotes hair growth.

Milk thistle oil: Properties and effects

  • Brightens up pigmentation spots.
  • Fights back free radicals.
  • Promotes self-healing processes in skin.
  • Encourages collagen and elastin production in skin.
  • Delays aging.
  • Is anti-inflammatory.
  • Promotes tissue regeneration.
  • Helps cure eczema and psoriasis.
  • Eliminates acne.
  • Balances sebum production, deals with seborrhea.
  • Can be used as a whole body massage oil.
  • Makes skin resilient and smooth.
  • Reduces stretch marks.

How to use milk thistle oil?

You can apply the oil directly to the skin and hair, or combine it with some ready-made beauty products. Moreover, it can be blended with other vegetable oils for OCM to create deeply cleansing preparations. Furthermore, milk thistle oil can be used as a base ingredient for homemade skincare products designed for dry and sensitive skin.

Opinions on milk thistle oil

Since milk thistle oil is a potent anti-oxidant and has anti-ageing effects, it receives positive reviews, especially as a face, body and hair oil. Many women claim that thanks to milk thistle oil they managed to combat acne and reduce post-acne marks. There are also women saying that this oil helps them erase pigmentation spots.

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