As the years go by, it is hard to prevent our face skin from getting flabby. Some people complain about having so-called double chin, but it is not the only problem to face in order to regain young look of our faces. The sad truth is, as we getting older, skin discolourations become darker, dark circles around eyes become more and more visible, wrinkles are deeper, and the collagen fibers are weakened quite significantly. Fortunately, Helena Rubinstein has found a solution how to stop, or considerably slow down the pace of such skin changes development. Let us take a closer look at a night cream Collagenist V–Lift Night composed by the above-mentioned American cosmetic brand.

Collagenist1Even kids know, that our organism rests while we sleep. Most functions and processes of a human body slow down when we have our deserved nigh-time rest. To make long story short, at night our skin is able to regenerate. What is more, night is also a perfect time for care cosmetics since these work way better and are absorbed faster if applied at bedtime. As a consequence, our skin turns into being more healthier, fresh and prettier in the morning. With this in mind, people working in Helena Rubinstein laboratory designed a night lifting cream and give it a name Collagenist V–Lift Night. The cosmetic contains, among other, V-peptides that help with tautening face skin, shaping its contour to make it more sharp and defined, smoothing wrinkles and improving collagen synthesis.

It is crucial, to perform mini face massage while applying Collagenist V–Lift Night cream from Helena Rubinstein. Luckily enough, the cosmetic has the consistency that fosters product’s application and face massaging. Basically, apply Collagenist V–Lift Night every evening on cleansed face, neck and cleavage. At the same time, perform so-called V-lifting. Start the treatment from neck base. Massage it firmly with both hands moving these upwards and outwards, in such a way, to do a movement similar to a ‘V’ letter. When it comes to face, the massage looks a little bit different. Apply the cosmetic on chin, cheekbones and forehead. Smudge the product towards the outer parts of the face while performing circular movements around eyes.

In the collection of Collagenist V-Lift from Helena Rubinstein cosmetic brand you can also find a day cream for normal and dry skin, an under eye cream and a lift serum.

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