Alleviating micellar lotion from Iwostin Rosacin collection is soon going to join to the other products from the same line. Working as the cosmetic set, these are going to be your ally with the fight against rosacea acne.

Rosacea acne – brief characterization.
iwostin1In general, rosacea acne is a chronic disease of inflammatory background. It concerns mainly face skin and is connected with increased working of blood vessels. That is why, people encountering rosacea acne problem, have reddened or acne covered the middle part of their face. This skin disease appears mainly when we are exposed to stressful situations, spend to much time in solarium tubes or sunbath outdoors. Our skin can be also affected by this disease when we tend to consume spicy and stodgy meals, alcohol or some particular types of medications. What is more, unbalanced hormones level circulating in our blood vessels can lead to rosacea acne formation as well.

Talking about the people prone to rosacea acne formation, these are mainly women of pale complexion and fair hair of 30-35 years old. In fact, this disease rarely occurs in male population, nevertheless, it takes more severe course then. What are the symptoms? Basically, one’s face becomes covered with erythema, blemishes and breakouts, increased skin thickness and the feeling of itchiness and dryness. It this case, it is strongly forbidden to exfoliate skin with acids and perform other forms of warming treatments.

Iwostin Rosacin vs. rosacea acne.
First and foremost, while taking care of skin of rosacea acne problem, it is suggested to avoid aggressively working active substances which are able to irritate epidermis and lead to the disease intensification. Furthermore, it is not advisable to apply cosmetics with fragrances, soaps or any synthetic substances. It is recommended, in turn, to use dermocosmetics destined for sensitive skin. Such kinds of products should provide moisturization and the protection of lipid barrier of skin.

Having this in mind, the perfect dermocosmetic which helps you with the care of rosacea acne skin is micellar lotion from Iwostin connected with Rosacin series. This product is of irritation-alleviating properties, purifies the skin, takes care of the appropriate level of not only  skin hydration but also of microbial flora. This lotion is also able to restore the natural pH level of face skin. Additionally, this micellar lotion forms part of the Rosacin collection which is already comprised of Soothing and cleansing gel-cream, Soothing Day Creme for Rosacea Skin SPF 15, Night Cream Reducing Rosacea Redness and Specialist Face Cleansing Emulsion.

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