It appears that baking soda has numerous applications, thus can be used outside the kitchen. Sometimes it’s worth taking it with you to the bathroom. What for? Carry on reading to find out all the benefits that baking soda has for your skin.

Most people associate baking soda mainly with baked goods or household cleaning products. Interestingly, this white powder can do more than that. It’s time to discover its skin-improving abilities.

How does baking soda work?

Baking soda – an inorganic chemical compound, also known as sodium bicarbonate, has the form of a white powder.

This ingredient is mostly valued for its leavening properties (bakery) and foaming abilities (cleaning). Obviously, there is more that baking soda offers!

This white odorless powder has antibacterial, astringent, disinfecting and anti-inflammatory properties. This is what makes it a perfect constituent for homemade skin care products. When added to a cosmetic, baking soda solves many everyday skin concerns.

Baking soda in beauty products

The funny thing is that baking soda can be applied directly to the skin, meaning that it doesn’t have to be combined with anything, except water. In most cases, baking soda is all skin needs to combat inflammation and bacteria. Additionally, you can also find baking soda in ready-made face cleansing products: in lotions or face washing powders that have been popular recently.

But that’s not all!

Baking soda in organic deodorants

The antibacterial effect of baking soda makes it a perfect component of deodorants. Added to all types of antiperspirants, baking soda deals with bacteria that feast on the sweat. This is how such products are able to eliminate the unpleasant odors, thus ensuring freshness.

It’s also worth realizing that baking soda absorbs moisture. Thanks to this, this white powder also prevents sweating – at least to a certain point. This means that if your sweat glands are hyperactive, you may not be fully satisfied with the effects delivered by a baking-soda-infused deodorant.

Baking soda as a base ingredient for DIY beauty products

Having baking soda at home, you’re able to make your own beauty products. This widely-accessible white powder makes an ideal base ingredient for DIY cosmetics. With its use you can create bath balls or home deodorants, to name just two. When it comes to the former, they are incredibly easy to make at home.


Mix baking soda with citric acid (2:1). When combined, you can enrich your bath ball with any ingredient you like: plant oils, essential oils, dried flowers or herbs. The mass should be easy to shape. The good thing is that homemade bath balls have no expiration date. The combination of baking soda and citric acid foams after being thrown into the water.

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