Tea tree oil has many uses and brings endless benefits. It’s a natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory substance. It helps get rid of acne, eczema, dandruff and oily hair. How to use it?

Tea tree oil is extracted from tea tree leaves. It’s been used for treating cuts and wounds for ages. It has an intense, camphoric aroma.

Tea tree oil has many beauty and medical uses:

  • ideal for oily skin
  • helps treat acne-prone skin
  • helps treat fungus
  • speeds up skin healing
  • soothes itchiness after bites

How to make use of tea tree oil?

Scalp care

Tea tree oil helps get rid of dandruff and reduces excessive oil secretion. It keeps hair from getting greasy.

All you need to do is mix some shampoo with a few drops of tea tree oil and apply the blend on the scalp. Leave it in for 2-3 minutes and rinse it out thoroughly. It’s also a great ingredient in hair rinses.


Tea tree oil can be used on feet too. It will help if the skin on your feet tends to crack or oversweat. It also helps get rid of fungus.

You can add it to your foot cream and apply every day until the problem is gone. We also recommend using it for a bath, adding it to warm water – from 25 to 30 drops.


Thanks to antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, tea tree oil also enhances anti-acne treatment. It is quickly absorbed by the skin to normalise the function of sebum glands. The skin becomes less oily so it has fewer imperfections and zits. What’s great, this oil reduces inflammation without leaving the skin very dry.

Tea tree oil allows the skin to bounce back easily. It’s a common ingredient in many acne treatments, mostly cleansing gels and toners.

How to use tea tree oil on acne skin?

  • It effectively removes zits: apply it topically on a blemish.
  • You can also try adding a few drops of the oil to skin products you use daily to enhance their performance.
  • Tea tree oil may also work as a face cream. Mix it with a mild oil and apply on the skin.
  • We also encourage you to try mixing a few drops of tea tree oil with cosmetic clay – such a DIY face mask used once a week prevents breakouts.

At least twice a month do facial steaming: pour several drops of tea tree oil into a bowl with hot water and bow over the mixture. Such treatment clears skin pores so face becomes fresh and glowing.

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