Biotherm has created cosmetic series – Skin Best – which closely corresponds with the various skin needs of every possible skin type, at any age. The series comprises of five products an these are: an under eye cream, a night cream, a dry skin cream, a mix and normal skin cream, as well as, a face serum. Skin Best cosmetics are closed a into juicy green packing. The capacity of the under eye cream equals 15 ml, the face serum 30 ml and the other cosmetics have got 50 ml each.

Night Cream Best Skin

This cosmetic is locked in a little jar with a silver cap. How does the cream work? Applying it at bedtime, we enable our skin to regenerate and take a rest more efficiently. Moreover, this Biotherm product smooths wrinkles, moisturizes and firms face skin. Retaining water in the deeper layers of epidermis, the cosmetic is responsible for stimulating collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production. Skin Best cream brings the tangible results after a month of the regular application.

BIOTHERM SKIN BEST 5SPF 15 creams for both Dry Skin and Mix & Normal Skin

Skin Best creams have double working. Firstly, these protect skin form the solar radiation thanks to SPF 15 filter, and at the same time, prevent from sunburns, wrinkles and discolouration formation. Secondly, these are able to moisturize the deepest layers of epidermis. Consequently, the products smooth skin, accelerate collagen production, regenerate and nourish face skin. Both of Biotherm cosmetics have the antioxidant properties, thus, these cosmetic prevent skin from the early ageing.

Under Eye Cream Best Skin

This cosmetic is closed in a bottle with a dispenser nozzle. This kind of applicator enables the user to receive the right amount of the product. In other words, since there is no need in applying large quantities of the cream on the under eye area, the dispenser facilitates releasing the small amount of the cosmetic without wasting it. Certainly, Best Skin cream reduces dark circles around eyes, as well as the swellings. What is more, this cosmetic smooths minor wrinkles and highlights eyelid and around eyes area skin. Smooth and radiant skin is easily noticeable after a month of Biotherm cosmetic application.

Face Serum Best Skin

Biotherm for mature skin created serum in a form of a cream. This cosmetic is of firming, moisturizing and nourishing properties. What is more, this product clearly shapes the face oval. Furthermore, it is locked into slender bottle with the precise dispenser on the top.

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