The history of eyebrows and their effect on the perception of beauty is pretty interesting. In the past, they had to be like Marlene Dietrich’s or Jean Harlow’s: thin and having color matching the head hair. Pola Negri’s skinny brows were the symbol of femininity but currently the coveted look requires bold and outstanding brows which have an intensive color, amaze with fullness, look natural, womanly as well as youthful.


What’s the desired eyebrow look now?

No matter if you’re blonde or not, the dark brow arches are in. Blonde brows are never desired, no matter the situation or outfit. People tend to attach great importance to their brow look. More and more beauty parlors are getting specialized in professional brow treatments (brow bars). Before you entrust your brows to a specialist, try to enhance them on your own. You should first stimulate their growth so that an esthetician can redefine their shape. Intensify their color, strengthen and make them healthier-looking in less than a month!

Brow regrowth trouble

It affects women who have been incessantly plucking their brows for long years: overplucked hairs may stop growing back! To make things worse, eyebrows thin due to stress and hormonal problems. Luckily, we are able to bring an end to the trouble and regrow the eyebrows so they’re brand new. If you’ve got patchy brows, it’s now possible to repair them with a pro brow serum.

Eyebrow serum. What is it and how it works?

The appropriate serum knows how to “talk” brows into growing back. The secret is being systematic. With a bit of patience, a good product stimulates “sleeping” follicles and intensifies process in the hair matrix: eyebrows will regrow and each one will be strong and beautiful. A brow serum is a colorless, odorless fluid which penetrates the skin and fixes damage in the essential part of brows, that is follicles. Thanks to that, we can get gorgeous, voluminous, healthy and natural eyebrows within a few weeks. You’re one step away from brows on fleek: it’s time to have the shape of your new brows redefined by a professional.

The best eyebrow serum on the market

We know it because it outsells, gets highest rates, surprises with effectiveness, has a good price for such high quality. Women recommend this serum to each other: Nanobrow.

Comparison reviews and opinions on eyebrow products have clearly shown that Nanobrow is the best brow growth serum. Only this one:

  • contains plant extracts and has no potentially harmful substances
  • has a very light formula and is absorbed in a flash
  • has a powerful in-depth effect on hair follicles
  • has a comfortable, precise, small applicator which facilitates usage
  • has a repairing effect, as well as beautifies and intensifies the color

the best eyebrow serum nanobrow

Nanobrow: eyebrow serum made of the best ingredients

Nanobrow is an effective and safe serum which will make your eyebrows naturally beautiful, full and bold. You will get rid of unwanted patches. Plant extracts from soy sprouts, wheat shoots, ginseng root and Baikal skullcap have a stimulating effect and strengthen the follicles, arginine repairs brows and keeps them from falling out, pro-vitamin B5 amazingly strengthens the hairs, increases shine and elasticity whereas active peptide encourages growth and thickens brows.

Nanobrow serum: application

Nanobrow is extremely easy to use. You simply spread it on the eyebrow hair using a well-shaped applicator. Make sure the area is clean and dry, apply the serum once a day before sleep for 8-10 weeks. You’ll notice the first results after just 4 weeks!

The whole brow care process can be summed up in 3 simple steps:

  • Step 1. Make-up removal and face cleansing.
  • Step 2: Applying Nanobrow serum to both brows.
  • Step 3: Waiting a moment until the serum is absorbed.

How does Nanobrow act? [effects]

Nanobrow is a professional eyebrow serum which means it doesn’t have a superficial effect. The whole treatment begins with moisturizing, protecting and strengthening follicles whereas first visible results can be spotted between the first and second week of the therapy.

Used regularly, Nanobrow restores vitality, health and amazing looks of even the most damaged brows.

Day by day, you get more volume and better looks because Nanobrow stimulates growth, thickens the hairs and enhances their color. Consequently, you need little time to fill in the gaps, get a lovely shape and color, in other words, the desired look you’ve been dreaming of!

Find more information about the effects and ingredients of Nanobrow on the website

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